Visitation Customary, Leavetaking and Other Forms


You can find the Visitation Customary, which describes details expected and suggested for a bishop’s visitation here

A Visitation Checklist can be found here

A Visitation Planning Form can be found here

The Visitation Record Form is a form that should be filled out after the visitation and returned to the Bishop’s Office as quickly as possible.  With this form we will permanently record the names of the people confirmed, and we will add them to mailing lists, etc.  You can find the Visitation Record Form here

The Bishop would like to receive a letter from each confirmand at least two weeks before his visitation.  You can find some ideas for this letter which can be shared with those being confirmed here

Saying Goodbye to a Rector, Vicar, or Priest is a short resource designed to help lay leaders prepare for the departure of a priest.  You can find that resource here

Separation Agreement with the retiring/resigning Rector/Vicar can be found here

Rules on Lobbying Activities for Churches can be found here

Congregational Directory can be found here ECWW Church Directory – April 4 2018

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